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John Beyer

e beyer3

First came to Cole Mill Road as a resident at Duke Medical Center in 1989; after serving in medical practices in TN and SC, returned to the congregation in 1999; appointed as elder in 2011; Professor of Psychiatry at Duke University Medical Center, and the Division Director for Geropsychiatry; runs the Mood Disorder Clinic and is the Medical Director for the Duke Psychiatric Outpatient Clinic; active locally with the Durham Senior Center; plays racquetball for fun.

Evelyn Cameron

Evelyn Cameron

Has been a member of the congregation since 1979; appointed as an elder in 2019; works with the non-profit organization The Fuller Institute (TFI) which helps women of all ages, ethnicities, and backgrounds to embrace their God-given gifts and talents through annual prayer retreats and other events and activities; once wanted to be a nun after seeing them as a child at a hospital and believing they were angels.

Neil Clay

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Became a member here in 2004; was appointed elder in 2011; serves as elementary school principal with Durham Public Schools; member of Trout Unlimited and High Peaks Trail Association; captain of his college soccer team and is known as “Captain” by his principal friends.

Charles Holton

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Has been a part of the congregation since 1970; was appointed an elder in 1991; Law Professor at Duke Law School; Director of Duke Civil Justice Clinic (which provides free civil legal services to the poor in our community); operates Durham Eviction Diversion program to help tenants avoid eviction and maintain stable households; President of CARIS Foundation, which is a non-profit organization providing financial assistance to those in need, both in N.C. and internationally; enjoys reading science fiction and history, travel and spending time with grandkids.

Wayne Massey

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Became a member here in 1979; appointed as elder in 2001; functioned as liaison with Duke Divinity School and responsible for interns; worked with veterans (and also served himself); member of the Board of Trustees for Abilene Christian University for several years and also on the University Council; member of the Board of Directors for the Divers Alert Network (DAN) for many years and currently serving as chair; played baseball at ACU for 4 years and in the North Texas A league; coached little league baseball and youth soccer.

Luke Smith

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Became a member in 2000 prior to starting medical school at UNC; was appointed as elder in 2019; Spanish-bilingual psychiatrist; founder and executive director of El Futuro, a nonprofit behavioral health agency offering outpatient services to the Latino population in the Piedmont region of North Carolina; in 2017 initiated the NC Latino Mental Health Provider Network (La Mesita) with members across the state of North Carolina; is addicted to popcorn and potato chips and plays the harmonica.

Tim Wood

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Joined the congregation in 1989; appointed as elder in 2006; sees his occupation as an important way to minister to the community as he meets many people every day from different walks of life and in different circumstances and tried to be the hands and feet of Jesus to all of them; not knowing anything ever about music his entire life he has just started learning to play the guitar.