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Ministry Coordinating Committee (MCC)

From the church's beginning in Jerusalem, there was a need for managing the physical resources of the church. The apostles directed that church select members with administratvie gifts who would be responsible for the overseeing various needs of the community. This service is still a part of churches today. In some tradtions there are called deacons or in others the members make up the a board. At Cole Mill Road we call this group the MCC. Each member has responsibility for a given ministry area and the committee collaborates as a group so that the various ministries can work together and build up the body of Christ in thie place.

adult education

The adult education ministry oversees learning and teaching experiences for the congregation so that all people grow in their understanding of the gospel and become better equipped for daily living as faithful disciples of Jesus Christ. They help to coordinate classes on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings.


CMR's benevolence ministry helps individuals and families in whatever ways we are able with the resources we have to share. We recognize that every person is gifted by God, and so we work within mutual relationships - sharing what we have with others and receiving what they have to share with us. We assist people on an as-needed basis.

building & grounds

The church is the body of Chirst and it of beleivers -- it is not a building. However, we are a family and our facility in some ways is a 'home'. This is a place that we worship, teach, learn, fellowship, and support many ministries. The facility ministry is an opportunity to perform hands-on work to maintain our shared residence. All are welcome to lend a hand and the fellowship of working together is a positive experience.

care groups

At CMR, caring for each other is one of our top priorities. Jesus told us that the world will know we are his followers when we love one another. Our Care Group ministry ensures each church member is placed within a community of care. These groups facilitate times for learning, sharing, prayer, and simply being together. Care Groups are also the primary way to meet many individual needs, such as moving homes, baby and wedding showers, and providing meals and support while one is recovering from illness or surgery. Visitors are always welcome to any Care Group on Sunday mornings at 11am.


Great things happen when people share a meal together. The fellowship ministry organizes opportunities for CMR to share life, food, and fun together throughout the year. This includes weekly times for fellowship, like our weekly Wednesday dinners and snacks and coffees on Sundays between worship and class time. We also have several potlucks and other special events throughout the year.


The finance ministry is responsible for coordinating the annual budget process and tracking all income and expenses. We provide monthly budget reports, as well as annual tax letters and receipts for charitable contributions. Our goal is to assist the various ministry leaders with timely information that enables them to make informed financial decisions. In this way, everyone contributes to effective stewardship of our financial resources.

foreign missions

CMR's long-standing approach to foreign missions is to develop and maintain partnerships with individuals and institutions that are native to their place of ministry, or are committed to equipping local servants of God's Kingdom. Over the years, these partnerships have tended to emerge and develop organically, through relationships with CMR members. Currently, we have partners in Argentina, Ghana, Russia, and eSwatini (formerly Swaziland). Our partners carry out God's Kingdom work in a variety of ways: teaching and preaching; serving victims of sex trafficking; equipping new generations of ministers, counselors, and businessmen and women through higher education; and lifting souls and spirits through music and song.


The CMR Outreach team provides an outlet for putting God’s love into action by reaching out and embracing our neighbors, our community and all who are searching for God, healing, wellness, friendship or simply a place to belong. Throughout the year, we organize events and service projects that both benefit and engage the community around us. At the same time, we are building relationships that enrich us personally and tune us in to the physical and spiritual needs of our diverse community.

prayer group

Sometimes a believer just needs someone to pray with them. Our Jesus did. When faced with his most difficult hour, Jesus called upon 11 prayer partners to join him as he wrestled in prayer. We all need the power, peace, and sacred comfort of prayer. Since 1998, the CMR prayer ministry has been an integral part of the congregation. Our ongoing lists of concerns, prayers and praises continues to encourage and galvanize the congregation through weekly emails and periodic prayer gatherings. We continually ask God's guidance and direction for our congregation and for all of creation.

senior saints

CMR's senior saints ministry is a group of unique individuals who use and share their various talents for mutual growth and service. They lead, encourage, support, and love through intergenerational activities with youth and young adults and service projects for the community. From time to time they collect and share life experiences and wisdom through various publications such as "Words of Wisdom", "Parenting Wisdom", and "What We Hope Young Ministers Know about Senior Saints". Senior Saints meet monthly for various activities. Although most members are 'seniors' the ministry is open to all ages.

children's ministry

The mission of the CMR Children’s Ministry is to offer children many opportunities to grow and learn and be a part of the Kingdom of God. At CMR, children experience God’s love through experienced volunteers in a safe environment. We offer nursery and Bible classes for all ages of children on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings. Special activities are planned to promote social and spiritual growth which include holiday family events, vacation bible school, and kids choir. Every Sunday during worship, we invite children ages 3 years to 2nd grade to participate in our Children’s Blessing. After this, those same children are invited to a kids worship experience for the remainder of the worship service.

youth ministry

Youth experience opportunities to serve church and community, participate in our weekly worship services, engage in bible study classes, and fellowship together and with the congregation. Each month there are special activities planned that engage youth in discipleship, worship, service or fellowship. These activities range from service projects, spiritual life retreats, and fun activities and devotional times in member homes. Our mission is to extend the love of God and equip our youth to be disciples of Christ and to follow Him as the Lord of their lives.


CMR is a community of worship. When we say that, we don’t just mean that we have weekly worship services – although that’s true. Worship is a response to God’s love that includes our entire lives. When we worship God, we offer our lives back to God. The vision of the worship ministry is to partner with God in forming CMR into a community of worship: a distinct group of people, living God’s life together, for the sake of the world. The primary role we play within this vision is planning and leading weekly worship services that help us “do what we need to do before God” as a community.